On the Issues

Property Tax Relief

In order to provide relief from crushing property taxes and make New York more affordable, Senator Amedore fought to reinstate STAR property tax rebate checks and to extend the successful property tax cap.

Investing in our Workforce

As chairman of the Workforce Development Task Force, Senator Amedore passed legislation and secured funding for high schools, colleges and businesses to train workers with the skills the workforce needs.

Record School Aid Increases

In order to hold the line of property taxes and make sure our children are getting the resources they deserve, Senator Amedore has delivered record school aid increases to schools throughout the 46th Senate district.

Infrastrutcure Investments

Senator Amedore secured $500 million to expand our digital infrastructure to ensure internet access for unserved and underserved areas, and more than $200 million for clean water and sewer upgrades in our communities. Properly investing in roads and bridges throughout the 46th Senate district remains one of his top priorities.

Combating Addiction

As chairman of the Senate Taskforce on Heroin and Opioid Addiction, Senator Amedore has broken down insurance barriers and increased funding to battle the epidemic that is destroying our communities. His four-pronged approach to addressing the addiction issues in our communities focuses on prevention, treatment, recovery services and giving law enforcement the resources they need to get high level drug dealers off the streets.